3 Ways to Feed Pet Bird

Birds make great pets for their beauty and calmness. This means you have to check on how your pet bird feeds and ensure it gets all the nutrients it requires. If you offer a good diet you will be giving your pet a quality life. This means your bird’s life is highly dependent on the type of food you provide for it. If the food contains nutrients then that means quality and long life. Here are some foods you should give your pet. A mix of seeds and pellets. These are good for the bird for the give them good amounts of nutrients which include among them high levels of calcium.


Avail some vegetables and fresh fruits. These will provide a number of nutrients to your bird which is very essential to your bird’s life. You should be careful not to offer your bird some avocado for it is not good for them. It is toxic to them so you should make sure you don’t let your pet have even a little bit.


To add to this, you should set a routine in which you will feed your bird. You shouldn’t just depend on your bird grazing around, you should establish specific a specific time in which your bird will feed. Normally birds do not consume a lot of food in a day. They take a small portion and are full. You should give your bird food in small amounts to prevent wastage of grains and also ensure it does not feed on one type of diet alone.


If you pay a close attention to its meals you will be able to detect a change in feeding behavior or appetite. You should ensure that you change out the vegetables and fruits you feed your bird on daily basis. Old foods of fruits and vegetables will be infested by bacteria and will ruin the bird’s cage. You should take all the waste food from the cage after the bird has fed at strictly two hours after a meal.


You should also ensure you clean the feeding dishes on daily basis. This will minimize the chances of your bird contracting bacteria and it will mean your bird stays healthy. Always ensure that your bird has access to clean water. It will be very helpful for it.